1. Set weight – greyhound must weigh-in within 1 1/2 pounds of their Set Weight.
  2. Race Info – race number and type of wagering offered.
  3. Racing Record – number of (starts, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th).
  4. The second line is the greyhound’s record at previous track.
  5. The last line is the greyhound’s season purse totals.
  6. Date of Race & Performance – (A=Afternoon, E=Evening, S=Schooling).
  7. Distance of Race.
  8. Track Condition – F=Fast (normal), W=Wet (standing water), S=Slow (muddy).
  9. Winning Time.
  10. Racing Weight.
  11. Post Position – number dog is wearing in race/start box position.
  12. Position at different points – after the break, at the first call, and top of the stretch.
  13. Finish Position & Lengths – margin of victory or defeat in lengths.
  14. Greyhound’s Race Time.
  15. Previous Odds to $1.00.
  16. Chart Writer’s Comments.
  17. Grade of Race – M=Maiden, D, C, B, A, AA.
  18. Top Three Finishing Greyhounds.
  19. Number of Greyhounds in This Race.

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