“Formed in March of 2001, GREY2K USA is the first organization dedicated to passing greyhound protection laws and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing through the political process. We work in more than a dozen states across the country, and advocate for greyhounds in state legislatures, at the ballot box, and in the courts…”

Humane Society of the US (HSUS) – READ CCF REPORT

“The Humane Society of the United States makes a difference in the lives of animals here at home and worldwide. The HSUS is dedicated to creating a world where our relationship with animals is guided by compassion. We seek a truly humane society in which animals are respected for their intrinsic value, and where the human-animal bond is strong…”

What is HSUS’s link to PeTA? The HSUS employs several former PeTA employees, and Ingrid Newkirk, president and founder of PeTA has allies within the HSUS directors. One of Newkirk’s allies would be Wayne Pacelle, vice president for media and government affairs. Pacelle was hired by the HSUS directly from Cleveland Amory’s Fund for Animals. Amory is also interestingly the mentor of PeTA co-founder Alex Pacheco. Newkirk used the help of Amory in 1987 when she seized corporate and financial control of the anti-research New England Anti-Vivisection Society and its multi-million dollar bank account, the first of her moves to consolidate the animal movement under her influence. Other former PeTA employees and associates who are now employed at HSUS include the chief computer programmer, the head of its national and international investigations who by the way, also oversees its lucrative Wildlife Lands Trust, two key HSUS investigators and many other people throughout the HSUS corporate structure, including its lab animal section, which handles the medical research issue.  Read more…

What is HSUS’s link to ALF? Research conducted by the Center for Consumer Freedom has confirmed that since at least 1998, the “Humane” Society of the United States (HSUS) has been quietly funding an Internet service used by the violent criminals of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). HSUS has been widely criticized for hiring ALF-affiliated criminal J.P. Goodwin in 2001 Read more…

Earth Liberation Front (ELF) – READ CCF REPORT

“The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground movement consisting of autonomous groups of people who carry out direct action according to the E.L.F. guidelines. Since 1997, E.L.F. cells have carried out dozens of actions resulting in close to $100 million in damages. Modeled after the Animal Liberation Front, the E.L.F. is structured in such a way as to to maximize effectiveness. By operating in cells (small groups that consist of one to several people), the security of group members is maintained. Each cell is anonymous not only to the public but also to one another. This decentralized structure helps keep activists out of jail and free to continue conducting actions. As the E.L.F. structure is non-hierarchical, individuals involved control their own activities. There is no a centralized organization or leadership tying the anonymous cells together. Likewise, there is no official “membership”. Individuals who choose to do actions under the banner of the E.L.F are driven only by their personal conscience or decisions taken by their cell while adhering to the stated guidelines….”


“I desperately want to believe that the authorities are right and that the hate-mongers feel satisfied by making simple and idle threats. But what if some self-appointed rambo of the eco-terror mindset acts upon a threat and attacks more than just my logging equipment? That power of terrorism is real and palpable in my life”

—Bruce Vincent, Vincent Logging Co.

(Testimony before House Subcommittee on Crime, 6/9/98)

In This Series

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) – READ CCF REPORT

“PETA believes that animals deserve the most basic rights—consideration of their own best interests regardless of whether they are useful to humans. Like you, they are capable of suffering and have interests in leading their own lives; therefore, they are not ours to use—for food, clothing, entertainment, or experimentation, or for any other reason….”  Is PeTA affiliated with these ‘terrorist’ groups? Read more…

Animal Liberation Front (ALF) – READ CCF REPORT

“The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the A.L.F. guidelines. These groups are called cells that range from one individual to many individuals working closely together. Activists in one cell do not know A.L.F. activists in another cell because they remain anonymous. This is what helps to keep activists out of jail, and free to be active another day. Since there is not a central organization or membership guide to the A.L.F., people are driven only by their own personal conscience or cell decisions to carry out actions. The A.L.F. is non-hierarchical in it’s structure which allows for only those people involved directly in the action to control their own destiny. Anyone in your community could be part of The A.L.F. without you knowing. This includes P.T.A. parents, church volunteers, your spouse, your neighbor, or your mayor. No one is immune to the suffering of animals, which includes even the workers themselves in any animal abuse industry who cannot bear to watch animals withering in pain any longer. Any action that adheres to the strict nonviolence guidelines, which follow, can be considered an A.L.F. action. Economic sabotage and property destruction are considered A.L.F. actions, as well as live liberations. Volunteers carry out actions across the world to bring animal liberation a little closer to the victims of untold agony…”