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International Sport

The Greyhound Racing Association of America is a non-profit membership association founded to promote, protect and enhance the sport of greyhound racing and the greyhound industry through education, example and media for the benefit of its members, fans, supporters and the greyhound racing dogs that make this great sport possible.

GRA/America plays a leading role in educating the public about Greyhound Racing and attracting new fans. The Association encourages responsible greyhound ownership and the best treatment of the dogs. Fans of a sport want to be proud of it and Greyhound racing has the best fans in America! [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

Playing The Game

No matter where you live, something is always happening in the exciting world of Greyhound racing. This is the place where tracks post special events and activities, such as open houses, book-signings, musical entertainment and stakes races all the way from $5,000 to a Million! The world of Greyhound racing is alive, well and growing.

Photo by Rachael Houge

The Most Exciting Dogs in the World

Look at the muscles and see the excitement in their eyes! You don’t get that kind of power by sitting around in a crate or being a “couch potato.” You get muscles like that from exercise. You get the energy to run from good nourishment provided by a good trainer. You get a shiny coat from being washed and groomed.

Remember: Nobody forces Greyhounds to run. As anyone who raises them can tell you, that’s impossible. Greyhounds are as opinionated and different from each other as we are – and if there was a way to make them run like we want them to, we would have figured it out long ago! [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

All the Latest

New developments in the sport of Greyhound racing . . . Pending legislation and political issues . . . Interesting Personalities and Greyhound stars . . .[More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

What Responsible
Reporters Should Know

The public likes a debate — and debates can only happen when there are two sides to a story. In recent years, GRA/America has issued regular press releases to the media contradicting stories in the news about Greyhound racing. People like to make up their own minds and they respect journalists who let them do that. Here is some information about Greyhound racing, the magnificent breed of dog that it was developed for, and the industry that makes Greyhound racing possible ... some of these facts may surprise you. [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

The Bright And The Beautiful

Greyhounds have inspired artists, writers and all kinds of creative thinkers since time began. Greyhounds are a " different" kind of animal and people who love them are different, too. Browse our store and see what springs from the minds of GRA/America artists and manufacturers . . . [Please Visit our Store for Animal Lovers]

Photo by Rachael Houge

How to Get Started in Racing...

Everybody starts somewhere and right here is the place to find that special dog that could make you a part of Greyhound racing. [More]

Hot Off the Press!

KTRK-TVWhen Gulf Greyhound Park opened in 1992, thousands of people from all over the state crowded in to place huge bets on sleek greyhounds. That was before Internet gambling, before the Texas Lottery, and before casinos were widespread in Louisiana.Washington PostThe Times
ABC NewsThe last greyhound racing track in Texas is closing. Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, near Galveston, announced plans Wednesday to cease living racing by Jan. 1. It has featured greyhound racing since opening in 1992. In a statement to the Austin ...
Herald SunSandown racing manager Michael Floyd said the move would put a focus on improving practises, after shocking footage showing rabbits, piglets and possums being torn to pieces by greyhounds during training sessions was aired on the ABC last November.
Corpus Christi Caller-TimesFrom behind betting terminals at the Corpus Christi Greyhound Race Track, Chris Gonzalez and Dana Jones have seen much. There was the winning pick-six ticket for $160,000. An $18,000 bet. The time a woman died in the bathroom. A few heart attacks.
Yahoo7 NewsA Victorian track manager who used live animals to train greyhounds has been banned for life. A Victorian track manager banned from greyhound racing for life used live piglets and rabbits on leashes or tied to lures to train the dogs. Tooradin Trial ...
Northern Star"Jason's greyhound is the one to beat but if he gets held up somewhere then I think we have a chance. "Whatever happens, it will be a big night. I've had no problems getting up and out of bed this week, that's for sure." Racing will continue at Casino ...
KTRK-TVLast week, commissioners voted to let Texas horse and dog tracks install "historical racing" terminals. That allows people to bet on already-run races stripped of identifying information. That move cast doubt on whether the Legislative Budget Board ...KENS 5 TVHouston Chronicle (subscription)Texas Tribune
WXOW.comCome next year, the Iowa Greyhound Park in Dubuque, will be the only dog racing track in the state. Managers say competition from casinos is the cause. "You're competing against slot machines, which is a pretty simple game...all you gotta do is put a ...Dubuque Telegraph Herald (blog)
DesMoinesRegister.comBut the Iowa Greyhound Association, an industry group, is keeping the Dubuque track open with a slimmed-down racing schedule. Between May and July, the track now known as Iowa Greyhound Park reported wagering of $642,909 on live dog races, which ...
Globalnews.caTriple-A baseball team the El Paso Chihuahuas hosted a wiener dog race during a game against the Oklahoma City Dodgers Sunday. The crowd cheered as a gaggle of dachshunds raced toward the finish line, but one dog just couldn't contain his excitement ...Oklahoma City Sun Times
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