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International Sport

The Greyhound Racing Association of America is a non-profit membership association founded to promote, protect and enhance the sport of greyhound racing and the greyhound industry through education, example and media for the benefit of its members, fans, supporters and the greyhound racing dogs that make this great sport possible.

GRA/America plays a leading role in educating the public about Greyhound Racing and attracting new fans. The Association encourages responsible greyhound ownership and the best treatment of the dogs. Fans of a sport want to be proud of it and Greyhound racing has the best fans in America! [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

Playing The Game

No matter where you live, something is always happening in the exciting world of Greyhound racing. This is the place where tracks post special events and activities, such as open houses, book-signings, musical entertainment and stakes races all the way from $5,000 to a Million! The world of Greyhound racing is alive, well and growing.

Photo by Rachael Houge

The Most Exciting Dogs in the World

Look at the muscles and see the excitement in their eyes! You don’t get that kind of power by sitting around in a crate or being a “couch potato.” You get muscles like that from exercise. You get the energy to run from good nourishment provided by a good trainer. You get a shiny coat from being washed and groomed.

Remember: Nobody forces Greyhounds to run. As anyone who raises them can tell you, that’s impossible. Greyhounds are as opinionated and different from each other as we are – and if there was a way to make them run like we want them to, we would have figured it out long ago! [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

All the Latest

New developments in the sport of Greyhound racing . . . Pending legislation and political issues . . . Interesting Personalities and Greyhound stars . . .[More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

What Responsible
Reporters Should Know

The public likes a debate — and debates can only happen when there are two sides to a story. In recent years, GRA/America has issued regular press releases to the media contradicting stories in the news about Greyhound racing. People like to make up their own minds and they respect journalists who let them do that. Here is some information about Greyhound racing, the magnificent breed of dog that it was developed for, and the industry that makes Greyhound racing possible ... some of these facts may surprise you. [More]

Photo by Rachael Houge

The Bright And The Beautiful

Greyhounds have inspired artists, writers and all kinds of creative thinkers since time began. Greyhounds are a " different" kind of animal and people who love them are different, too. Browse our store and see what springs from the minds of GRA/America artists and manufacturers . . . [Please Visit our Store for Animal Lovers]

Photo by Rachael Houge

How to Get Started in Racing...

Everybody starts somewhere and right here is the place to find that special dog that could make you a part of Greyhound racing. [More]

Hot Off the Press!

Naples Daily News“Ct Party Rocker has early speed but in this race another dog can steal the race early with a great start,” said Ronnie DePari, the racing secretary. “It's a tough race to handicap.” Two other greyhounds with early speed, Albatross and Ws Sprang over ...
Tampa Bay Business JournalThe track's property has been speculated to be a candidate for a redevelopment for years as well as a potential site for a new Major League Baseball stadium. The track hasn't hosted live dog racing since 2007, but it offers pari-mutuel betting on horse ...Daily Racing FormWTSP 10
Australian Racing Greyhound.comPossibly a unique occurrence took place at the Gabba greyhound track in 1928 when goat races took place alongside greyhound races. The track had greyhound races over 550 and 825 yards, but the goat races were conducted over a shorter distance and ...
West Virginia MetroNewsAn independent comprehensive study finds that West Virginia's troubled greyhound racing industry may be on its last legs. The report by Spectrum Gaming Group says operating the state's two greyhound tracks in Wheeling and Cross Lanes under the current ...Charleston Daily Mail
New York TimesThe one exception, naturally, comes from Walt Disney Animation Studios, in the form of a delightful waggy-dog story called “Feast,” directed by Patrick Osborne. It's a life-cycle story, racing through a dozen or so dog years in the life of its fast ...PowerSource
CBC.caThey were away breaking trail for the Yukon Quest sled dog race when the break-in occurred sometime between Jan. 12 and 22. There was damage done ... "There had been the heavy snowfall so there were no tracks," she said. Fischer and her husband say ...
WJHG-TVTALLAHASSEE-- Legislation requiring the reporting of greyhound racing injuries unanimously cleared a senate committee in the state capitol yesterday. Seventy-four greyhounds died in track related accidents during the first year of reporting. More have ...
Charleston GazetteThe study notes that wagering has dropped 55 percent in 10 years, from $35 million in 2004 to $15.8 million in 2013. In 1990, patrons bet a total of $63.9 million on greyhound races at what was then Tri-State Racetrack in Nitro. In 2013, wagering at ...
West Virginia MetroNewsIn-state wagers dropped 55 percent from 2004 to 2013 at West Virginia's two greyhound tracks, Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack and Mardi Gras Casino and Resort, the report said. In Wheeling, greyhound racing drew 929,000 spectators in 1983, ...
Australian Racing“Colin was almost turned off greyhound racing when he visited the Bathurst track with friends in 1954 and a hotly disputed photo-finish result in the final race saw an angry mob tear down the judge's box,” the story read. “'At the time I thought I ...
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